An organisation encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion can help  people feel happy and motivated, increasing the organisation's success.

  • Equality is the right of every individual having equal opportunities and resources, regardless of circumstances.
  • Equity recognises different circumstances and provides exact opportunities and resources to reach an equal outcome.
  • Diversity means valuing differences – all the things that make us who we are.
  • Inclusion means creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Together, this helps an organisation to improve ideas and problem solving and benefit a range of service users.

Read the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's commitment to equality

Take a look at NCVO's guidance on improving your organisations’ approach to equity, diversity and inclusion

Matthew's Hub

Matthew's Hub is a support service for autistic people without a learning disability aged 13 or over, providing advice in relation to employment, education and health. 

Peer mentoring takes place in workshops or weekly social sessions. 

Understanding autism training always involves one autistic person in the delivery, alongside a specialist mentor. 

Sight Support Hull & East Riding

Sight Support is a UK registered charity which provides support for people with sight loss in Hull and the East Riding.

There are regular and varied clubs and groups available, enabling those with visual impairments to live full, active and happy lives. The resource centre offers a wide variety of equipment to help with the practical issues of sight loss. 

Voice Ability

Voice Ability is an independent charity and one of the UK's largest providers of advocacy services. 

Advocacy is free, independent support to involve you in decisions about your health, care and wellbeing. Easy read leaflets explain how views get heard in different situations. 

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