Marketing budgets for community groups are often small or even non-existent. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do free online through social media to promote your activities and ideas to a wider audience. 

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If you approach it in the right way it can help you engage with your current supporters, reach out to find new ones and show off your organisation’s personality. It enables charities to build relationships and go about cost-effective campaigning.

Draft Guidance from the Charity Commission: charities and social media

1. Set a social media policy

2. Managing potential risks in posting social media content

3. Engaging on controversial topics

4. Campaigning or political activity on social media

5. Fundraising on social media

6. Staying safe online

Read the draft guidance here

New to Social Media

Learn My Way has free online resources to guide you through using social media such as Facebook, setting privacy settings, using different programmes ,  how to create social media accounts, post messages, make video calls and lots more.

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Lloyds Bank Academy has free online lessons to help improve your social media knowledge. Tutorials include - telling your story on line, making the most of social media, getting noticed with social media and getting started with LinkedIn.  

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The Charity Social Media Toolkit

The Skills Platform's Charity Social Media toolkit is an excellent resource which can help charities to ramp up their social media and maximise the results from these channels. It covers everything from the basics of how to develop a strategy, manage social media day to day and measure success. It also includes tactics such as fundraising on social media, storytelling and crisis comms

Using Social Media safely

Social media is a great way to stay in touch and up to date on the latest news. However, it’s important to know how to manage the security and privacy settings on your accounts. Guidance from NCSC below also include advice from all major social media platforms


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