Press release: On 1 July 2024 AbilityNet and Citizens Online charities will merge, joining forces to support more digitally excluded people, and create stronger impact.

Citizens Online charity has worked to improve digital inclusion since 2000. AbilityNet traces its accessibility roots back to 1985: it is a national charity which focuses on helping disabled and older people to gain the maximum benefit from technology at home, work and in education.

AbilityNet is one of the UK’s leading providers of digital accessibility services to organisations that offer digital applications and services, with a broad portfolio of services, including consultancy, conducting digital audits and user research, and providing expert training and strategy guidance.

Citizens Online has a complementary consultancy offer, to improve digital transformation and inclusivity; it strives to embed digital inclusion, to ensure that the impact is sustainable. It builds local partnerships and works collaboratively to share best practice to improve digital inclusion. 

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