Are you part of the Driffield Collective? The meetings give local charities and groups the opportunity to connect and collaborate with their peers and create ways to enhance the support available for people in the Driffield area 

The next quarterly Driffield Collective meeting will be held:

Venue: Cass Hall, King St, Driffield

Date: Friday 24th May 

Time:  1:30pm

The meetings are informal get togethers and an opportunity for charities and community groups to:

  • Make great connections between different charities and groups in the area
  • Share information about different funding pots available
  • Discover opportunities for how charities and groups can work together
  • Share resources between charities to help support the local community

Though the meeting are facilitated by HEY Smile Foundation's Community Development and East Riding Council's Active Communities, attenders are encouraged to lead the conversations.  They know their communities and already offer safe spaces and critical support to people living in the area.

Contact for further information

Even if you can’t make it, we would still like to hear from you. Please get in contact if there is anything you want to share, or a challenge you want help with.

HEY Smile Foundation email:

East Riding VCSE Network

As well as the many location based partnership networks there is also an influential county wide network that ALL Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Groups supporting East Riding communities are welcome to join. Members can flag issues and concerns with statutory partners who join the call, find out about new initiatives and programmes they can get involved in our affect the sector directly and importantly this network supports a VCSE-led Collaborative Board that offers sector representation within local strategy and planning. Members of the new VCSE Collaborative Board are appointed through the East Riding VCSE Network.

Interested? Read more HERE.


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