The future for legacy giving is bright with legacy income forecast to more than double in real terms by 2050. And no longer just to the benefit of the really big charities; legacy giving is growing at the grassroots, with thousands of small and local causes receiving legacy gifts for the first time.

This event, organised by Fundraising Everywhere is a celebration of everything legacy fundraising.  The event brings together a mix of global experts from the UK and around the world to help voluntary and community organisation to grow their gifts in wills and in-memory income.

If you’re an early-stage legacy fundraiser that wants to learn how to grow your programme or a seasoned professional that wants to innovate in a rapidly changing world, this one is for you.

Event details

Event theme: Legacy Fundraising Virtual Conference

Date & Time: Thursday 15th February @ 12 noon

Location: Online

Cost: This event usual costs £50 to join, but you can join for free using Smile Foundations membership open to all VCSE groups in the East Riding and access all the digital events, live conferences and on demand resources until January 2025.

Register for FREE using Smile's membership

HEY Smile Foundation has organised FREE access for VCSE groups in the East Riding to sign up to all Fundraising Everywhere's digital events, live conferences and on demand resources - saving groups £300 per year on personal development training. 

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  1. Click on the tab headed  'Yearly', and then click on the 'Join now' button.
  2. On the registration page scroll down to Information   -add your organisation email address
  3. Then in Billing address add your name.
  4. Click on the + 'Add Company  so you can add the details of the organisation you represent 
  5. In the Cart use promo code [ORGSMILE23] This will set the order value from £300 to zero, 
  6. The scroll to the foot of the page and select Sign up now. 

This will then trigger an automatic email from the Fundraising Everywhere team and you'll receive login details to use the system. Please contact Michelle Barnes


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