Millions of unpaid carers across the UK provide support to a family member, friend or neighbour due to a disability, illness or frailty due to old age. Yet a majority of unpaid carers have no choice but to take on a caring role. While providing unpaid care can be rewarding, it also comes with significant negative impacts on carers’ lives.

The report is based on findings from separate surveys of carers across the UK and the UK public. It found:

  • 62% of those who are currently providing or those who have previously provided unpaid care said that they had no choice in taking on the role because no other care options were available
  • 73% of members of the public surveyed for the research think that unpaid carers should receive more support from the next Government, particularly financial support and investment in social care.
  • The impact of caring has been more negative than positive for all areas current and former unpaid carers were asked about, particularly for mental health (63%), physical health (53%), Job and ability to work (48%) and finances and savings (47%).

Read the report in full HERE.


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