London: Institute for Voluntary Action Research. The evidence for multi-year funding 

In 2022, charities told the authors of this report, that funders need to give more attention to the negative effects of how funding is given on charities’ ability to do their best work. By ‘getting the basics right’ in the types of grant they offer and in their application and grant-management processes, funders can make a massive difference to charities and to the people and causes they serve.

Of the 1,241 charities who responded to the survey, 92% put better access to multi-year funding high on their list of priorities.

The report concludes, that multi-year funding:

  • Delivers efficiencies for funders and charities
  • Provides charities with certainty and stability, which enhances their ability to plan
  • Sets realistic timeframes for the delivery of activities and change
  • Enhances organisational capacity
  • Builds trust and enables more open relationships
  • Supports better learning to improve practice

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