The language we use is incredibly powerful. Inclusive language teaches us to value other people for who they are,  to be sensitive towards other people and be respectful.

“Language does not just describe the reality; language creates the reality.” Bishop Desmond Tutu

It is also about being aware of the language we use and the impact it may have on others, rather than just using a list of acceptable words.

The HNY Inclusive Language Guidance was co-developed in partnership with Humber & North Yorkshire Health Care Partnership (HNY HCP) and a diverse group of colleagues from minoritised groups across health and care to increase confidence when using inclusive language about a range of topics.

The guidance provides an overview and a starting point for learning about the diversity of those around us and HNY HCP will be continually reviewing the guidance as language changes.

Using this guide does not limit you to a particular way of communicating, there is an understanding that there isn’t always one correct term to use – there are usually various ways of expressing our view of ourselves.

It is a starting point on your journey to understand the power of inclusive language, so we can ensure all the people we meet can feel safe and welcome.



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