If you support your community to get online or have plans to offer this help,  this grant could be for you. Help includes funding for new equipment such as laptops, smartphones and notepads;  installation of broadband and costs for setting up internal wifi and networks, and much more...

The East Riding UKSPF Community & Place Digital Grants are open for applications, and we want you to be a part of it. All project spend must be completed before 28 February 2025 with the following target areas:

This is all about boosting our local community using technology in two key ways:

  1. Improving Community Facilities and Spaces: Making them more connected digitally.
  2. Enhancing Services: Getting better tech for providing services in our communities. (new laptops and monitors in community venues/hearing loops for people with hearing impairments as examples)

Your group can apply for grants from £2,000 to £25,000. Applications close on 20 December 2024, or even earlier if we use up all the funds.

Note: this is for capital spending only and importantly with this being UKSPF it’s essential that orgs show clearly how the funding will directly benefit their community and residents.

Download the Digital Grant Specification document below to find out more about what the grant will and will not fund.

How to Apply:

Two Steps: Start with a quick self-assessment and submit this to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. You will then be invited to move to the full application stage with help and support from us.

No Pressure for Match Funding: If you can bring some extra funds to the table, great! But it's not a must.

For all the information, such as what you can spend the money on, how to apply, or to chat to the team, visit the grant and funding site HERE

Contact the Local Growth Team for help

If you'd like to discuss your project idea please contact the East Riding Local Growth Team HERE- it would help if you include your geographical location in the subject heading of your email. 


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