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A guide for charity trustees on how to govern in a crisis

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC)  recently published this guide, written primarily for trustees of small and medium sized charities, but these lessons are just as valuable for trustees of foundations and larger charities too.

In a crisis—or whenever there is a change in the external environment—people need change. If charities continue to deliver what they have always delivered, or trustees continue to make decisions in the way they have in the past, there is a risk that the charity will become less relevant, and less impactful. And trustees might not even know this is happening. Many of the themes addressed by trustees in our trusteeship seminar series are ways to guard against this risk.

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The guide covers the following topics:

  • How to keep focused on your mission
  • How to adapt in fast moving situations
  • How to draw on the right information to make decisions—including combining lived experience with learnt expertise and data
  • How to think about your mission in the context of the wider system

Read the guide in full HERE.


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