Community organisations in the East Riding of Yorkshire encouraged to register for this scheme.

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National charity The Good Things Foundation has nominated East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Library Service to be a designated distributor of free phone data sim cards to eligible residents across the East Riding. 

Ten of the larger East Riding Libraries will be issuing free data sims to people but they must be referred into the scheme by a known and participating support agency.

How the scheme works

  1. Support organisations register to be a referring agency. 
  2. They identify clients who are eligible and would benefit from the scheme. 
  3. Support workers then telephone the chosen Library to make an appointment for them and sends an email of confirmation. 
  4. The Recipient attends at the Library appointment with a charged phone capable of accepting a sim card from any of the three providers, joins the Library and receives the free data sim once it is registered by staff.

Sign up to get involved

To register as a support organisation to take part in this scheme, email and cc - and please include the following information:

a. Name and official address of your organisation and team name.

b. Type of organisation and charity registration number if applicable.

c. The nature of support provided by your organisation

Download full details about the scheme below.

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