Free HEY Confident Futures workshop: Successful relationships: how to set up productive working relationships and have difficult conversations more easily.

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Good communication enables us to work well and quickly with one another, but when things are not going well misunderstandings can crop up and we may start to avoid having the conversations that could get us back on track because they feel tricky or awkward.

HEY Confident Futures is running a free half-day workshop providing practical tools to help you articulate concerns clearly and therefore resolve issues quickly before they escalate. The workshop will also look at how to contract clearly at the start of relationships to avoid problems arising. 

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By the end of the session you will have:

Developed understanding of what constructive communication looks like and how to avoid common pitfalls

Practiced skills and tools to help set up constructive professional relationships from the outset

Practiced skills and tools to enable constructive professional conversations when things have gone off track

Please note you will have to sign up to HEY Confident Futures to access this offer. 

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