The list, which tracks the philanthropic activity of 100 of Britain’s wealthiest people, shows that they collectively gave £3.2bn to charity personally or through their charitable foundations or businesses, down by £200m on last year’s total giving.

The Giving List found:

  • 7  of the Rich List gave more than £100 million in the past year
  • 42 gave £10 million or more
  • 90 were members of the £1 million donors club

This year, the list was topped by Sir Chris Hohn for the second year in a row. Sir Chris donated 15% of his wealth to charity in 2021, which equates to an incredible £755 million, or £86,000 per hour.

Of the 100 names on the Giving List, only a third gave 1% or more of their wealth to charity. Research by the Law Family Commission says most top earners who declared charitable donations gave less than 0.2% of their income. If the top 1% of earners were to increase their donations to 1% of their pre-tax income, it could generate up to £1.4 billion a year

With the purchasing power of donations eroded by inflation and charities in need of support, it’s absolutely crucial that the wealthiest in society set an extraordinary example.

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