NPC Director Tris Lumley has voiced his opinion that philanthropy, as it stands now, will be ineffective unless a different approach is implemented. The key problem she has pointed out are a lack of funding and very little understanding about how funding applications are selected behind closed doors.

It is suggested that, instead of ignoring the applications that aren't accepted, that the information from them could allow us to understand different perspectives to the problems we face. This would allow projects and organisation's with similar goals to work together and achieve their missions with much greater ease.

A long-term user of technology, Lumley suggests that the power to transfer data to and from each would allow for a greater sense of interconnectedness, and would bring foundations and their differing methods out from the darkness, into the light.

This is an edited version of a speech given by Tris Lumley at the Good Tech Fest conference in Washington DC on 3rd May 2023. 

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