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Key Information

Time2Volunteer is a new volunteering platform for Hull and East Riding, bringing all the possibilities of volunteering to one place.

It provides access to a wide range of volunteering opportunities, as well as information and support in accessing volunteering and utilising volunteers. It also informs and involves people in the big issues around volunteering across Hull and East Riding.

Time2Volunteer is passionate about promoting best practice around recruiting and managing volunteers. Partners and organisations have adopted our Volunteering Principles & Charter and must have suitable volunteer policies in place before they can show on Time2Volunteer, so volunteers can have complete peace of mind that they will feel valued and have a positive volunteer experience.

For more information on how this can benefit volunteers and volunteering organisations, please visit: Who are we? | About us | Time2Volunteer.

Emergency Volunteers:

A catalyst for Time2Volunteer was the Covid-19 Pandemic. Communities came together to support each other when they needed it most. People volunteered when, where and how they could.

Time2Volunteer would like to ensure future emergencies can be communicated widely, to mobilise volunteers quickly, efficiently and safely, and direct offers of support to where they are needed most.

By applying to become an Emergency Volunteer, you will become part of a volunteer network that we can call upon in an emergency, such as flooding, a pandemic or an aid effort like the Ukraine response.

Click here to become an Emergency Volunteer.

For more information on Time2Volunteer, please get in touch.

To celebrate your volunteers or share your volunteer experience use the hashtag #time2volunteer


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