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Hull Lateral Flow Testing - Volunteers

Published at 5:08 pm Fri Feb 12th, 2021

Supporting the Government's drive to ensure widespread testing for Covid-19, Hull City Council have set up 3 sites to provide lateral flow test provision. They are reaching out to the Voluntary Sector and its incredible volunteers to play a part in supporting many of our most vulnerable to ensure swift testing allows our key workers to continue to undertake their vital roles within the city.

About Lateral Flow Testing

Around 1 in 3 individuals with COVID-19 do not display symptoms. Opening testing up to catch those showing no symptoms will help to find positive cases earlier and to break hidden chains of transmission.

Lateral flow testing (LTD)  is a fast and simple way to test people who do not have symptoms of COVID-19, but who may still be spreading the virus. 

The tests are easy to use and give results in 30 minutes. Those who test positive must immediately self-isolate to avoid passing the virus on to others.

Lateral flow testing is currently being offered to people who do not have symptoms, in a range of different settings such as schools, leisure centres and workplaces.

Working at 3 key sites across the city, directed by the volunteer lead on site, we are looking to our communities to step forward and help us ensure that each person’s visit for their lateral flow test is provided with care and compassion.

We believe the key to the success of the  Lateral Flow Testing plan is the contact with each individual arriving and leaving the site. Hull City Council staff and volunteers will be working extremely hard to support as many people as possible to receive their test safely. 

Given the absolute priority to roll out the Lateral Flow Testing programme as quickly and effectively as possible, we are making this call to the Voluntary sector and its amazing volunteers to play a part in making people feel welcomed with compassion, and supported through the experience.


  • Endeavour School
  • Ennerdale Leisure Centre
  • Woodford Leisure Centre

Lateral Flow Testing Volunteer role requirements:

This request is for volunteers to work at 3 key sites across the city to provide the best experience for our residents attending for a Lateral Flow Test. Alongside Hull City Council staff, volunteers will play a vital role in any or all of  the following:

  • Providing a safe and welcoming environment
  • Assisting in meeting and greeting people attending the site
  • Supporting people to register for tests on a mobile device
  • Assisting in the preparation of the test sample for analysis and interpreting the results
  • Giving support and advice to the customer whilst taking the test
  • Assisting in uploading the test results to the digital platform using a mobile device
  • Ensuring that people attending the site observe hand sanitising and social distancing
  • Supporting people through the process, enabling a prompt and compassionate experience.

When are volunteers needed?

  • We are looking to fulfil roles at each site with teams of volunteers
  • Each shift between 3.5 and 4.5 hours
  • Volunteers are needed 7 days a week
  • You can do as little as one shift a week to help

How to Apply

A brief expression of interest form must be completed via our Volunteer Your Way portal - click here

  • We will invite applicants to attend a 30 minute online training session where full information will be provided about this role. 
  • An online training module must be completed (can be completed at home and will last approx. 1.5 hours).  The certificate must be uploaded to enable a shift to be booked.
  • Volunteers selecting Lateral Flow Testing volunteering must also view a site induction video before booking onto a shift.

On completion, suitable applicants will be able to select their weekly sessions.

For further information please contact the The Volunteering Team

Each volunteer will receive:

  • An online induction from HEY Smile
  • A certificated training module
  • An online site induction video
  • An on-site briefing with a CHCP member of staff
  • PPE and Hi-viz vest
  • Mileage (from home to their nearest hub) and parking expenses via Smile
  • Refreshments

What each volunteer will need to have with them:

• Warm clothing

• Comfortable shoes as you will be mobile for the period of the volunteering.

FAQ’s for volunteers:

• We anticipate the shifts to be around 4/4.5 hours

• You will register on arrival with the site lead

• You will wear a hi-vis vest to identify as a Smile volunteer which should be returned at the end of your shift

• The hi-viz vest will be isolated for 72 hours before and after your shift to ensure no cross-contamination

• You will be expected to wear PPE which is provided and work within the secure COVID environment following the site’s health and safety guidance

• Your first shift will include a site briefing from the site lead – helping you to answer questions that will come up on your shift

• You will help make an individual feel safe, that they are contributing to a more resilient community, and a faster route to normality in 2021

• You will help to ensure people leave and clear the area / entrance swiftly but with care and compassion as the volume of people coming through will be fast paced

• You may need to support individuals with additional needs, ensuring access to seating or wheelchairs, or helping older residents to understand the process from arrival to departure

• On finishing your shift you will need to sign out with the site lead

What a volunteer will not be asked to do

• Put yourself at risk (you will have access to appropriate PPE at all times and you will be expected to wear a face mask whilst volunteering in and outside of the premises)

• Transport any patient to or from the site


You will be able to claim expenses for travel to and from your local site.

This can be reclaimed within ten working days of volunteering from HEY Smile: An expenses form will be provided to each registered volunteer. To claim expenses you must have signed in and out on the day of your shift.