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VCSE Covid Re-Opening Support

Key Information

Humber Emergency Planning Centre:

HEPC is an organisation which specialises in Emergency Planning and Crisis Management - with over one hundred years of Category 1 Emergency Planning/Response experience, its Operational Managers are skilled in the application of Government/National guidance across a variety of differing areas including the current Covid 19 pandemic.

Voluntary Sector Covid Re-Opening Support:

Commission by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, we will provide free consultancy support for local voluntary groups, allowing where possible, the safe re-opening of a variety of community amenities across the East Riding of Yorkshire.

HEPC can also assist with the development of:

  • Health and Safety Risk Assessments,¬†
  • Fire Risk Assessments,¬†
  • Medical Needs Assessment¬†

As well as associated procedures to allow compliant implementation of the current relevant legislation/guidance to ensure infection control measures are applied at all times and the risk is reduced to as low as reasonably practicable.


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