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VCSE Covid Re-Opening Support

Key Information

Humber Emergency Planning Centre:

HEPC is an organisation which specialises in Emergency Planning and Crisis Management - with over one hundred years of Category 1 Emergency Planning/Response experience, its Operational Managers are skilled in the application of Government/National guidance across a variety of differing areas including the current Covid 19 pandemic.

Voluntary Sector Covid Re-Opening Support:

Commission by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, we will provide free consultancy support for local voluntary groups, allowing where possible, the safe re-opening of a variety of community amenities across the East Riding of Yorkshire.

HEPC can also assist with the development of:

  • Health and Safety Risk Assessments,¬†
  • Fire Risk Assessments,¬†
  • Medical Needs Assessment¬†

As well as associated procedures to allow compliant implementation of the current relevant legislation/guidance to ensure infection control measures are applied at all times and the risk is reduced to as low as reasonably practicable.


No updates have been posted for VCSE Covid Re-Opening Support.