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Humber Coast & Vale Cancer Champion Training - Virtual Sessions

Published at 12:51 pm Wed Dec 2nd, 2020

Become a Cancer Champion by taking part in a free awareness session.

Would you know how to spot the signs and symptoms of cancer?

Take part in a free HCV Cancer virtual cancer awareness session, become a #CancerChampion and help save lives through early diagnosis. 

No skills, qualifications or any specialised knowledge of cancer is required to take part in Cancer Champion training. These free awareness sessions teach people about the key facts, statistics, symptoms and screenings which are linked to a number of cancers. 

Cancer Champions are equipped with the knowledge needed to raise awareness about cancer, engage in conversations which could help to reduce the risk of cancer and encourage early diagnosis of cancer – when treatment could be simpler and more successful. 

To take part in a Cancer Champion awareness session, sign up to one of the future sessions which can be found here. For full details, please click here.

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