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East Riding Digital Champions: Training Programme

Published at 8:15 am Mon Apr 26th, 2021

The digital champions programme aims to work within local communities to support residents to improve both their digital skills and their knowledge about how good digital skills can provide greater independence and improve feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Programme Outline

As part of the programme East Riding of Yorkshire Council, through their Adult Learning team, will provide a range of opportunities for residents to get involved in. Initially this will provide access to a 2 hour session, once per week for six weeks. If there is a suitable venue in the community the training can take place in the community (subject to the Government guidelines in place at the time). Alternatively groups can meet at one of the four Adult Learning Centres situated in Cottingham, Beverley, Goole and Bridlington or the training can be provided online using video conferencing tools.

At least one volunteer from each community, who has good digital skills, will be supported to join the Digital Champions train the trainer programme. This will support those individuals to continue to work with their local residents after the initial six week programme comes to an end. As well as continuing to support the residents the volunteer will also have access to a wide range of adult learning sessions and longer courses that they can work with the Adult Learning team to provide in their community, as part of the council’s Pop-Up Learning offer.

Details of the programmes are as follows:

Digital Skills in the Community

2hrs x 6wks

• Finding out what you already know

• Get to know your laptop / computer

• Find out how to start, stop, pause and save what you are doing

• Using a mouse, touchpad, keyboard, speakers and headphones

• Find out information, do some shopping, type a letter, make a list – find out the best tools for the job

• Explore how the computer can help you keep in touch with family and friends

• Start to discover ways to use the computer to provide greater independence

Digital Skills in the Community – Train the Trainer

3hrs x 6wks

• Moving the focus from teaching to learning

• Monitoring and Evaluating the Learning that takes place

• Keeping learners safe – essentials of eSafety, Netiquette and Prevent

• Ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion

• Understanding Fundamental British Values and how they relate to learning activities

• Development of own Digital Skills

• Providing individualised learning

• Understanding the motivations of learners and how that impacts on learning

• Helping learners become more confident

Learners accessing the programme will have the opportunity to progress to a Level 1 or Level 2 Volunteering qualification, if they wish to do so.

Pop-Up Learning

Volunteers will be kept informed of the range of courses and sessions that they can book for their group. These can take place in the community, providing a suitable venue is available and there are no Government restrictions in place. Opportunities do not have to be limited to Digital skills, so as well as single sessions about becoming a savvy online shopper, getting around using google maps and how to stay safe online you could also book a whole range of short courses for the community group, all of which are designed to offer fun and engaging activities that support mental health and aid relaxation. Some examples of what is on offer are Aboriginal Art, Creative Writing, photography, mindfulness or crochet.