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East Riding Safeguarding Information Pack

Published at 12:52 pm Tue Nov 3rd, 2020

Welcome to the East Riding Voluntary and Community Sector Safeguarding Information Pack that effectively provides you with information that will support you as a lead champion for your organisation, those who work with you and your organisation as a whole. It is down to the organisation to ensure safeguarding principles make up business as usual.

We would ask that the starting point is to ensure that all those representing your organisation and working with people and individuals understand and can recognise safeguarding concerns, what it means and how to access help locally if required. We require you as an organisation representing the community inclusive of children, adults and vulnerable adults to ensure the standards within this pack.

Overview of Standards:

The first 4 standards include essential safeguarding areas:

We ask that you reflect on the standards and ensure that you  are complying across all areas that are appropriate to your organisation and the people you represent and support within the community.  Organisations providing a more specialised service to vulnerable children, young people or adults with care and support needs may also want to consider the last 2 standards: 

  • Recording and storing information
  • Sharing information and working with other agencies

Please download the full information pack for more information and links to free safeguarding training. 

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