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Maritime Community Grants - Open for Applications

Published at 1:32 pm Mon Oct 18th, 2021

The Hull: Yorkshire's Maritime City project has launched a Community Grant Scheme for individuals and grassroots community groups to apply for micro grants of up to £500 and small grants of up to £2,000.

A series of community grants including one-off micro and small grants will be awarded to support the engaging activity programme designed to involving residents, visitors and communities.

These may be used for one off purchases or for specific project activities, and importantly, there should be a maritime connection in either instance. This could be through the core work that you or your group do, or it could be a specific maritime themed project that you would like to run.

Groups must be based in Hull or the surrounding area.

We particularly welcome applications from the following groups or organisations who work with them, who represent our key audiences:

  • Families, particularly those with children under 5
  • Minority ethnic groups
  • People with disabilities and/ or people with long term health conditions
  • Young people aged 16 – 25
  • Audiences who are older and may be socially isolated


Applications should be based on one of three categories: environmental, heritage and wellbeing.

Environmental projects might include coastal wildlife, marine life, growing and gardening, fishing, responses to climate change, water management and flooding.

Heritage projects might include direct links to Hull’s maritime history, or they might involve learning more about the history of a particular local area or community, or unearthing untold stories.

Wellbeing projects might give consideration to physical and/ or emotional wellbeing. They might involve healthy living, being connected to others, developing skills or being creative. (Don’t forget the maritime connection with this one!)


The application forms will be able to download from Monday 25 October.

You can email or post your competed application forms.

If you need an application format in a different format please send your request via email


The deadline for applications is Sunday 5 December.

For full details, please click here.

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