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Dost - BAME Befriending and Signposting

Key Information

Our approach is for Trusts looking to improve upon their current charitable delivery and engagement. The work results in improved and more efficient charitable services and provides new equipment, facilities and subsequently improved care. We are currently working with Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust and Humber NHS Foundation Trust, where we have developed the Health Tree Foundation and Health Stars respectively.

We have had many requests from health organisations, public, private and voluntary services to provide bespoke services. We understand that each organisation is different, and during initial meetings we can develop a plan to meet requirements utilising our vast range of skills and experience.

Our services include:

  • Review of existing services
  • Brand development
  • Fund management
  • Donor development
  • Financial planning
  • Team recruitment and development
  • Interim operational delivery

Health Tree Foundation and Health Stars use the Circle of Wishes to help provide for things you feel are most needed in our hospitals and community. In the past our work has helped deliver both small and big things that help patient comfort and experience - from night lights to postural management beds, from jigsaw boards to walking equipment, no wish is too small or big. 

Some testimonials

"Patient-and-Family rooms meant my husband Paul could stay overnight when I had surgery. I was so glad to have him with me. Even though he snored!"

"Child-friendly night lights make it easier for my daughter Rose to sleep. Even if she'd rather stay up and talk about ponies."


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Dost Befriending Volunteer Programme