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Pass IT On

Published at 12:00 pm Wed Jan 27th, 2021

Devices that were once thought to be a luxury are now essential to daily life, creating a severe disadvantage for those who are unable to access the internet for work, school or accessing essential services.

At the same time, social isolation is intensified, as many people separated from friends and family are unable to make video calls that many of us take for granted.

Pass IT On Campaign: sponsored by East Riding of Yorkshire Council

How we’ll combat it

This winter, our pass it on campaign combines giving with technology. 

There are two simple ways to get involved:

  1. Donate unloved tech: This could include smartphones, tablets, computers as well as accessories that will help someone get online. 
  2. Become a Digital Champion in your community: Join a pool of volunteers and share experience that will help others get online. For example; setting up a device, how to search online, or demonstrating video calls. Click for more information

‘the power to change lives with the gift of technology’

To donate unloved tech...

Hull and East Riding Timebank Members are keen to collect, clean and connect your tech to residents across East Riding that could benefit .

  1. Complete online form and print
  2. Put tech and accessories into a bag (with form)
  3. Find and drive to your nearest drop off point
  4. Say hello and put the bag in the box!

Click for online - Pass IT On Donation Form

Please take some time to read about...

  • How unloved tech will be used
  • The option for data to be recovered and returned
  • The process to clean and make safe every device
  • What new life we can offer to both tech and people