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Published at 9:00 am Wed Jan 27th, 2021

Resources to get the best out of your computer and social media. This page includes:
- Training available from Adult Learning (East Riding of Yorkshire Council)
- Internet skills
- Office programmes
- Additional courses available from Learn My Way

East Riding of Yorkshire Council: Adult Learning 

You can search and enrol onto a number of adult learning courses to improve your computer skills.

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Courses include

  • Preparing yourself for online learning
  • Computer & digital skills

"Good computer and digital skills are essential for most jobs, for study or for everyday work and life situations. So if you’re struggling with your computer and digital skills and want to move on, you’ve come to the right place! We have a full range of computer and digital skills courses that can help you to achieve. There is no time like the present, so take that first step and apply today."

Learn My Way: Internet Skills

A range of resources and self-learning activities to help build confidence and get the most out of the internet. Including online shopping and social media. 

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All courses are free and can be completed in your own time. Some learning topics include:

  • Video calling
  • Online shopping
  • Socialising online
  • Smart internet

Watch the short film below for a quick overview

Learn My Way: Office Programmes

Free courses available to help create documents and present information; useful to use at home as well as at the office. The link below also includes variety of free software;

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You can complete these free courses within your own time. Topics include:

  • Introduction to office programmes
  • creating documents
  • using spreadsheets
  • presenting information

Learn My Way: Additional Courses

Online safety

If you are using the internet you may need to think about staying safe online. This subject will help keep you, your personal information and your devices safe.

Finding a job online

Finding and applying for jobs can be tough, but learning how to search and apply for jobs online will make the process much easier and open up more opportunities for you.

Improving your health online

There are lots of ways you can use the internet to support your health. You can make appointments online, order repeat prescriptions and find advice on specific symptoms and conditions.

Managing your money online

Finances can be tricky, but this subject will help you learn how to do budgeting, banking and shopping online in a safe and easy way.

Public services online

Find out information about public services and save time and money by visiting local and national government websites.