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Mindfulness for Children (Source: CBeebies)

Published at 10:18 am Mon Nov 16th, 2020

Find helpful tips and tricks to help children relax and be mindful of the world around them.

Daily mindful activities for childrenA brand new mindfulness experience to help pre-schoolers with their mental health and wellbeing has joined the CBeebies Go Explore app! 

Seven techniques for helping kids keep calmTry these simple relaxation and mindfulness activities together and help your child learn to calm down when they feel stressed or anxious.

Help your child to chill outLearning to stay in the moment can help children in lots of ways, from improving concentration to promoting relaxation, and even forging closer bonds with friends and family. CBeebies Daydreams is an hour-long journey to relaxation for children. It is a collection of beautiful, "slow TV" style shots and relaxing sounds designed to help little ones unwind.

Calming Sounds from CBeebies Radio: Help your child settle down, relax and fall asleep to these relaxing, calming sounds from CBeebies Radio.

Go To Sleep: Sing along with Tee and Mo as they get ready to go to sleep.

Blah Blah Blah Blah: A poem about taking time to slowly breathe and relax on a busy day.

Help your child to focus: Children are naturally energetic and curious, and as most parents and carers know, it can be a real challenge to get them to sit still and focus on a task. Some children (and adults) are better at concentrating that others, but everyone can learn strategies to develop these skills.

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