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Published on 11:09 am Mon Oct 3rd, 2022 September update
Published on 3:59 pm Thu Sep 1st, 2022 in Key Updates What data do you collect?

Your support is needed to map what data the VCSE Sector collects across the East Riding of Yorkshire Read more…

Published on 12:45 pm Tue Aug 30th, 2022 August update
Published on 4:23 pm Wed Mar 16th, 2022 in Funding & Financial Support Networking Event for VCSE Groups in Hornsea

On Sunday 13 March HEY Smile Foundation and East Riding of Yorkshire Council hosted an event for voluntary and community sector organisations in Hornsea, with guest presenters Linda Clark from the National Lottery and Nick Middleton from HEY Smile Foundation. Read more…

Published on 9:20 am Wed Apr 22nd, 2020 Update from HEY Smile Foundation, CEO; Andy Barber

HEY Smile Foundation CEO Andy Barber takes stock and gives thanks for the massive cross sector, community efforts over the current time. Read more…

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