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The Road Ahead 2021

Published at 5:16 pm Wed Jan 20th, 2021

Message from NCVO regarding their annual analysis of the sector

The Road Ahead 2021

The Road Ahead report is our annual analysis of the changing operating environment for anyone working in the voluntary sector.

It identifies and explains forces and trends that are shaping the sector and are likely to have an impact on organisations in the future.

It covers these six themes:

Political | Economic | Social | Technological | Environmental | Legal

The report is designed to be a useful aid for your strategic planning, and with that in mind, we have created an extra resource for our member organisations.

You can download our PESTEL analysis planning template which we've updated with information from the Road Ahead.

One to share with your leadership team and trustee board.

Full Report: Click here

PDF Version: Click here

PESTEL Tool: Click here