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New appointment at Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust Voluntary and Communities Safeguarding Practitioner

Published at 12:27 pm Thu Sep 30th, 2021

Dear VCSE member/organisation

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Gary Truran and delighted to have been appointed as the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust Voluntary and Communities Safeguarding Practitioner. A snappy title I know!

However, my role will be to support, advise and guide the VCSE organisations in everything to do with safeguarding to ensure that we keep children and adults safe across the East Riding. This includes,

• Raising the awareness and profile of safeguarding in the fantastic work that is currently taking place within the voluntary and community sector.

• Reinforcing that safeguarding is everyone's responsibility and what those responsibilities are.

• Providing you with the resources and training required to meet individual needs enhancing the existing provision to ensure that it is relevant and real.

• Looking to create local Safeguarding Champions in the Community Hubs so we work together as a community to support one another with safeguarding.

• Keeping safeguarding at the forefront of everything we do by sharing with you safeguarding bulletins that will have specific areas to focus on for your organisation.

Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust is a Beecan partner and we work closely with the HEY Smile Foundation to support a thriving and safe community. We will continue to use the Beecan website as our central platform for all information and I would encourage you and your organisation to visit this regularly to look for the safeguarding updates. 

Please ensure that everyone within your organisation is fully aware of this policy and their safeguarding responsibilities. Should you require any further information, advice or guidance to re-visit or review the policy, which should be done annually, or discuss any safeguarding queries then please contact me on

I look forward to working with you and meeting you in the near future.

Kind regards,

Gary Truran

Humber Teaching Foundation Trust VCSE Safeguarding Practitioner

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