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Making Every Contact Count (MECC): Impact of loneliness

Published at 8:06 am Tue Jul 6th, 2021

Free workshop exploring the impact of loneliness within East Riding communities and how MECC for Mental Health could be part of your planning to make a difference. The session will be co-facilitated by We Do Wellbeing and HEY Smile Foundation, alongside invited local grant makers.


"Loneliness is a mismatch of the relationships we have and those we want. It is our internal trigger, letting us know it’s time to seek company as hunger lets us know it’s time to eat. Loneliness is a sign that something needs to change. Anyone can reduce loneliness – their own or that of others – where we live and where we work; in fact, wherever we are."

Source: Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Let's Talk About Loneliness

This event will create a shared conversation about loneliness within East Riding as well as exploring the opportunities to make a change.

Workshop Structure

  1. Understand the impact of loneliness within your community
  2. Explore what brings people together and the challenges that may prevent these social bonds being created/maintained
  3. Reflect how Making Every Contact Count (MECC) for Mental Health could be embedded within your work

Date and Time:

Thursday 22nd July 10am till 12noon


This is a virtual Zoom workshop, to register and receive full joining instructions - please click here